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NuVega Mascara - Absolute Vegan - Made in Germany!


NUVEGA MASCARA - Vegan Mascara with Extension & Volume Effect 

Maximum volume

The creamy texture of the vegan NuVega Mascara conjures up maximum volume without sticking - full, dense eyelashes for an enchanting look. No animal ingredients at all. Give your eyelashes a luxurious sheen and unique volume - without clumping.


NuVega Mascara - Vegan mascara with extension & volume effect, which is 100% vegan and naturally produced causes a remarkable and fast transformation of the appearance of her eyelashes and thus naturally also of the expressiveness of the eyes.


NuVega Mascara conjures enviable long, dense and curved lashes with maximum volume. Each time you apply mascara to the creamy texture, the lashes become thicker and longer without sticking together. Hyaluronic acid provides sufficient moisture and smooth and elastic lashes.

Product properties at a glance:

  • Waterproof mascara 
  • Maximum volume, optical extension and momentum 
  • For fullness and separation of eyelashes
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers 
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed
  • Clinically tested

Get everything out of your eyelashes

Your eyelashes are finely defined and separated. Wonderfully wrapped eyelashes, in a rich shade, black as the night - for every day. Ingredients such as precious waxes ensure suppleness and elasticity and allow an immediate coating of each individual eyelash with a lush layer of colour. Give your eyelashes unique volume - without clumping

General information

The creamy texture of the vegan NuVega Mascara conjures up maximum volume without sticking - full, dense eyelashes for an enchanting look. No animal ingredients at all.

Instructions for use

Apply with a brush from the root of the lash to the tip. The eyelashes become thicker and longer with each application. The contained waxes allow an immediate coating of every single eyelash without clumping.

✅ EXTENDED & CONDENSED - For luxuriously long, super sexy, curved eyelashes that transform your eyes in less than two minutes; This incredible all-in-one voluminizing mascara is smudge-proof and won't crumble.
✅ NATURAL & ORGANIC - A gentle, vegan, animal-free, completely organic mascara; pH-neutral for sensitive eyes and enriched with a rich cocktail of organic botanical oils
✅ NO CLOSING, ADJUSTMENT & LUBRICATION - Does not crumble & stick. Light formula for Max Full Lash Look. Not tested on animals
✅ VEGAN, BIO, NATURE - 100% Silicone Free, Paraffin Free, Mineral Oil Free - Developed, Manufactured and Produced in Germany
✅ EASY REMOVAL OF MAKE-UP - Suitable for sensitive eyes or contact lenses. Paraben-free and flexible brush. No irritation or eyelash loss, just extra volume & dramatic look.

Content: 5 ml.