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Longer, denser and fuller eyebrows in just 8 to 10 weeks.


The eyebrow serum from NUTRABROW

NUTRABROW is an agent that is used to strengthen the eyebrows and ensure dense eyebrow growth. The effect the product produces is amazing and can be achieved in just 4-6 weeks. The application is simple and uncomplicated and can be easily integrated into the evening make-up removal ritual.

The NutraBrow Eyebrow Enhancer stimulates the sleeping hair follicles of the eyebrow area to new growth by the special active substance combination. After just a few weeks, hair cells can be stimulated in such a way that new eyebrow hair grows back. Active follicles are also strengthened and their growth promoted. Your eyebrows get more elasticity, length and volume. Light hair darkens naturally.

Properties of NUTRABROW

NUTRABROW is applied directly to the eyebrows. An often observed additional effect is a darkening of the eyebrows, which means that the use of eyebrow pencils or regular tinting of the eyebrows is no longer necessary.

This means that the use of the product even saves time and money!

The new NUTRABROW eyebrow growth serum is a product that does not use any parabens at all. When using it for the first time, it should be noted that there may be slight side effects related to the change of skin. For example, the user may feel a slight tingling or stinging sensation that is observed for a maximum of 5 days. After that, the area where the eyebrow serum is applied is completely desensitized and the impressive effect of increased growth becomes apparent. However, if redness does occur, continued use is not recommended and use should be stopped immediately.

Benefits for your eyebrows: 

Thickening of the eyebrow diameter. 
Gives a youthful appearance. 
Moisturizes and helps prevent thinning. 
Strengthens and protects against natural/environmental attackers. 
Promotes volume and length regrowth in sparse areas. 


1. before use: Please wash your face and remove make-up. 
2. Apply to the eyebrows and make sure the serum comes into contact with the roots of the eyebrow. 
3. For a better effect, we recommend using the product twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. 
4. We also recommend using a hot towel to compress your eyebrow before use. 

The following restrictions on use must be observed:

The product should not be used after sunbathing, during pregnancy or during chemotherapy. The product is dermatologically tested, free of fragrances and therefore very well tolerated by most users. 

Made in Germany!

The proven effectiveness of the serum has made it an impressive product among German users, who praise the product very much and emphasize the remarkable and rapid transformation of the appearance of their eyebrows and, of course, the expressiveness of their eyes. Overall, this serum can be described as highly efficient and easy to use, which has led to the fact that users unanimously describe it as a must-have that they no longer want to do without.

✅ In only 8-12 weeks you will get up to 50% longer, thicker and fuller eyebrows.

✅ Revitalizes and stimulates the growth of your eyebrows

✅ Your eyes get more expression, density and volume.

✅ Active follicles are strengthened and their growth promoted at the same time.

✅ Light hairs darken naturally after

Capacity: 3.0 ml. 

The product can be kept unopened for 2 years after purchase. Use the bottle within 12 weeks after opening. Dermatologically tested - free from fragrances and parabens.